Success story

Description of Customer’s problem

Due to launching of insurance activity in life as well as significant remodelling and development in non-life branch, the decision has been made to replace two legacy systems with Altkom’s White Label solution.


Fulfilling business and technical needs:

  • life and non-life products available in one front-end
  • sales of motor products of different co-insurers on one sales path
  • new sales path configuration within few days
  • new product implementation in 1-2 months
  • system reliability in performing hundreds of calculations per hour
  • simplicity for mass selling in postal branches (without dedicated training)
  • perform data migration process in a way that provides business operational continuity


White Label core system was implemented to fully support front- and back-office insurance processes for life and non-life companies, policy migration from legacy systems and insurance products parameterisation. White Label was delivered with modern front-ends that enable to configure sales paths based on product definitions from the modeller.

Choosing a system

Quoting Jacek Jabłoński, IT Director from Post Insurer:

“After market research and analysis, we have decided to choose Altkom’s insurance system. The decision was mainly driven by completeness of the solution (end2end), ease of its adaptation to our business model as well as provider flexibility in supporting our needs.”
The main reason why we chose Altkom was its long-term experience in providing IT solutions dedicated to insurance market.”

Strategic Advances

  • Provides all modules and functionalities needed to run a modern insurance business (end2end solution)
  • Performs multi-calculation and presents immediately offers for different products or brands
  • Minimises time to offer – first calculation in 30 seconds
  • Minimises time to issue policy – process completed in less than 3 minutes
  • Minimises time-to-market – products ready to sell in one month
  • Sells insurance products of different insurance brands in one front-end and within one unified sales path
  • Web-based interface – ability to work from anywhere (multiple locations of the company)

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