Product Modules

Product Configuration

Product Configuration

  • Launching new, simple products without IT involvement or more complicated ones using only analytical skills, no development required
  • Products simulation using test environment
  • Import of new versions without application restart
  • Mapping construction of insurance products in the system
  • Intuitive and complex products configuration
  • Loading parametrization files with a new product definition
  • Possibility to prepare a product „from scratch” or modify existing one
  • Separation of sales path definition from actuarial definition (back-office)
  • Modification of print templates without IT involvement: depending on products, sales channels, networks
Sales Front End

Sales Front End

  • Various sales channels, e.g. agents, long-channel (non-professional brokers), direct, call center
  • One actuarial definition (back-office) enables presentation of many marketing “products” on different sales paths
  • Full support for sales processes of individual and group, life and non-life, in-house and external products (e.g. multiagency, reinsurance, co-insurance)
  • One, consistent view for offer presentation across multiple products and variants (multi-calculation)
  • Possibility to modify parameters of offered product and real-time premium recalculation
  • Policy changes support: annexes, renewals, cancellations
  • Support of SMS and e-mail communication channels allowing to send documents associated with the policy or offer


  • Tariff configuration for simple products without IT involvement
  • Autonomous pricing algorithms definition for calculations in sales and handling processes
  • Tariff & marketing discounts, surcharges, legal clauses
  • Discount codes, bundled offers
  • Full support for handling large amounts of data needed for calculations and corrections

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