Operations Modules

Effective Date of Operation

possibility to perform all operations simultaneously (e.g. uninterrupted sales of products during the month closing process)

Automatic Process Management

in case of incorrectly performed operation – access to business and technical logs with possibility to re-execute the process

Operation withdrawal

Possibility to undo any operation caused by user error (e.g. incorrect annex, policy termination). Every withdrawn operation is registered in the system for audit purposes.

Policy administration and Electronic Archives

Policy administration and Electronic Archives

  • Central repository containing necessary information about the parties involved in the processes supported by the system (e.g. insurer, policy holder)
  • Access to all policy and claim documents as well as policy life cycle
  • 360-degree policy view – Access to a complete policies portfolio in one consistent view
  • Processes automation: policy annual renewal, renewal offer, indexation and policy mass-changes handling
Debt collection

Debt collection

  • Payments monitoring and debt repayment support
  • Support of soft and hard debt collection
  • Ability to conditionally configure debt collection paths and customers communication channels
Document flows and correspondence

Document flows and correspondence

  • Printing templates and content management for all stages of offer as well as after-sales process
  • Multi-channel communication support (e-mail, sms, letter)
  • Automated mass correspondence handling
  • Support for digitization, scanning, OCR

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